Travel to Assam With Your Beloved One


Travel to Assam With Your Beloved One

Assam is rightfully considered to be a homeland of delicious tea, ancient temples, and one-horned rhinoceroses. It is in the north-east of India, its name is translated as a “lazy state.” Here no one is in a hurry, time is running in slow motion, and even the Brahmaputra River is pushing as if reluctantly its muddy waters along the Himalayan mountains for a date with the ancient sacred Ganges.


It is the largest city in the state and the oldest in Asia, which survived 17 Mughal attacks. So, you can see the ruins of medieval ramparts in the old city as well as traditional one-story mansions of the colonial era. In other respects, Guwahati is a quite modern city, which is a convenient starting point for travel to the north-east of the country.Travel to Assam

The main attraction of Guwahati is located five kilometers from it, on the Nilachal Hill. It’s about a tantric temple of the goddess-mother Kâmâkhy. Many pilgrims from all over the country come here to visit the place of the creation of terrestrial life. You will be able to enjoy a magnificent view of the Brahmaputra and the nearby villages from the hill on which the temple is located.


Dibrugarh is the easternmost point of Assam. This city is the Indian leader in the production of the best tea. Tea trees can reach twenty meters, but they are constantly cut for the convenience of collecting leaves. The dark and strong loose-leaf Assam tea with a menthol aftertaste is traditionally served in classic English tea ceremonies. Indians prefer to drink Masala beverage, Assam tea with the addition of milk, sugar, and spices. However, if you want to taste a magnificent bouquet of Assam tea, it is better to drink it without any additives.


“Tea tourism” becomes more popular with each year, but tea is not the only thing that Dibrugarh is famous for. In the Jokai Botanical Garden, which is located 12 km from the city, you can look at migratory birds and rare types of flowers, as well as ride elephants. Dibrugarh is a pleasant, quiet city with excellent transport links with other cities of India.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park can boast the largest population of a rare one-horned rhinoceros in the world. In addition, there are Bengal tigers, elephants, wild buffaloes, deer, beagle-bears, fishing cats and many other animals and birds. Travelers can drive up to them quite close on an open jeep or on an elephant.

Kaziranga National Park

Safari on a jeep, accompanied by a caretaker, is possible at any time, even in the evening. Nonetheless, you can get out of the car only in those places where the caretaker will allow to. You shouldn’t jump out of the car to take a good picture with a wild elephant, for example. Domesticated elephants are obedient and calm, but wild ones are quick-tempered and, surprisingly, can run very quickly. If you follow all the recommendations of the park’s staff, a jeep safari will be a pleasant and safe adventure with your beloved one.

To ride an elephant, you have to get up very early. Safari will start at 5 am because the sun is still merciful to both elephants and people in these morning hours. If you come to Kaziranga in mid-February, you can go to the annual elephant festival, which is held in the park in order to attract attention to the problem of the disappearance of the Asian elephant and the promotion of eco-tourism. Guests will see the majestic procession of elephants, well-groomed and elegant from the tail to the trunk.

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