Top 10 Ultimate Picnic Spot In Assam 2018 | Best Picnic Place In Assam


Top 10 Ultimate Picnic Spot In Assam 2018 | Best Picnic Place In Assam:

Assam, one of the Northeastern State in India, popularly known for its wildlife, archeological sites and tea plantation. Besides this Assam is known as the land of different tribes, different cultures, hills and valleys. Among the different places of Assam, some places becomes popular as the famous picnic spots. People love to go to this places with their friends, family for a  break from the hectic and busy schedule.

There is the list of Top 10 Ultimate Picnic Spot In Assam 2018

Bogamati, Baksa :


Bogamati lies in the newly created Baksa District which is the land of Manas National Park. It is located near the Barnadi River. It becomes one of the famous picnic spot due to its scenic beauty of Bhutan Hills and dense forest. Trekking is available for the visitors in the Barnadi River and trekking through the rugged hills is an experience for lifetime.

Bhairabkunda :


Bhairabkunda located in Udalguri District, is one of the famous picnic spot in Assam. It is located in a tri-junction of Assam, borders of Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. It is situated near the Bhutanese town Daifam. Here two river, Bhairabi River and Jampani River, originating in Bhutan merge to form Dhanshiri River, which is the main attraction for the people.

Bhalukpong :


Bhalukpong located close to the border of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, one of the popular picnic spot in Assam. It is located within the Nameri National Park. Rigid Hills, amidst forest, sandy beaches of the Jia Bharali & Tipi Rivers and dense collection of rare orchids are the main attractions of the Bhalukpong. This place is named after an ancient king Bhaluka. The best time to visit Bhalukpong is April to May, as the orchids and flowers bloom during these months.

Charaideo :


Charaideo, located in Sivsagar District, is one of the famous picnic place for history lovers. Charaideo is the original capital of Ahom Kingdom, established by the founder of Ahom dynasty, Su-Ka-Pha in 1253 AD. It is famous for maidams or Burial vaults of Ahom kings and the other members of the royal family. This tombs often drawn comparisons to the Pyramids of Egypt.

Champawati Kunda :

Champawati Kunda

Champawati Kunda,  located at Chapnalla in the Nagaon District of Assam, is a magnificent waterfall and becomes the famous attraction of people for picnic. It is adjacent to Kaliabor -a historic town in Assam. Kaliabor was the headquarters of the Barphukans during the Ahom historic-period, and eventually was the scene of several battles fought against the Muslim invaders. There are a few ancient temples that are located near the waterfall. This place is so much greenery holding the ultimate beauty of nature.

Chandubi :


Chandubi is a beautiful natural lake in Assam’s Kamrup District, at a distance of 64 kilometer  from the City of Guwahati. It is located at the foot of Garo hills and it has breathtaking views and is famous for Cheetal Fish. he place is calm and peaceful covered by deep forest, tea garden and small and distinct villages.


Hatisila :


Hatisila, located in Kamrup District, is one of the famous picnic spot in Assam. It is in the 16 kms from the Guwahati City. Picnic spot just adjacent to Hatisila Temple with access to sand banks in river Bhramaputra during winter seasons. It is famous due to the front view of the elephant made up on of stones. The historic name Hatishila also come from this two stones which makes the front view of Elephant.

Rani : Rani, located in Kamrup District, is one of the famous picnic spot in Assam. It is about 8 Km away from Guwahati. The Kapili stream flows through the rocky hills is the major attraction of the people.

Top 10 Ultimate Picnic Spot In Assam 2018

Kakosang Waterfalls :

Top 10 Ultimate Picnic Spot In Assam 2018Kakosang waterfall is located in the Golaghat District of Assam and is the one of the famous picnic spot now a days. The area is situated about 13 kms from the Bokakhat and 78 kms from Jorhat Region of Assam. Click Here for more about Kakosang waterfalls.

Akashi Ganga : Akashi Ganga is situated close to Doboka town on the Dimapur-Doboka Road which is 50 km to the southeast of Nagaon district in Assam. Akashi Ganga is a gigantic waterfall associated with the Shakti Cult in the Kalika Puran. The best time to visit this site is November to February. Near the Akashi Ganga Waterfall there is also a lake known as Akashi Ganga Lake.

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