Kakosang Waterfalls – The Ultimate Picnic Spot in Golaghat, Assam


Kakosang Waterfalls – The Ultimate Picnic Spot in Golaghat, Assam

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Situated in the Golaghat district of Assam, Kakosang waterfall is a place in Assam that holds the ultimate beauty of nature. The area is situated about 13 kms from the Bokakhat and 78 kms from Jorhat Region of Assam. The waterfall comes fountaining in between the coffee and rubber plantations of the district, making a scene breathtakingly beautiful. For its scenic beauty it is rated as a top picnic spot for the locals as well as tourists too. As the area is just 36 kms away from the Kaziranga National Park, so tourists visiting the National Park can easily plan a day visit to the waterfalls. Close by destinations consist of remains of the historical Numaligarh or Deoparbat, tea landscapes of the Methoni, Hatikhuli, Difalu as well as Behora Borchapori.

The best time to visit the waterfalls is during the post monsoon months, as due to the heavy rainfall the waterfall plummets with abundant water.

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