List of Famous Actors and Actresses in Assamese Film Industry (Part-I)


List of Famous Actors and Actresses in Assamese Film Industry (Part-I):

Assam, one of the Northeastern State, is not famous for only its different tribes but also famous for its different cultures and traditions. The Assamese Film Industry (called as Jollywood) is one of the main element of the rich culture of Assam. The industry was born in 1935 when Jyoti Prasad Agarwala released its first movie Jaymati. Since then the Assamese film industry developing in its own way with some culturally rich and sensitive style and fabulous cinema. The Assamese Actors/Actresses gave their full effort to develop the Assamese Film industry and keep this industry in that place where this Film industry is now.

Here is the list of Famous Actors and Actresses in Assamese Film Industry :

Pramathesh Chandra Barua:

Famous Actors and Actresses in Assamese Film Industry
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Pramatesh Chandra Barua born in 24 October 1903, in Gauripur, Assam. He was a famous Actor, screenwriter and Director in the Assamese Film Industry as well as in the Indian Film Industry in the pre-independence era. Pramathesh Barua’s stepping into the world of films was accidental. He was introduced to Dhirendranath Ganguly during his stay in Shantiniketan. Pramathesh Barua started his film career in 1926. Devdas, Mukti, Rajat Jayanti, Adhikar are the famous films of Pramathesh Chandra Barua.

Jamuna Baruah:

Jamuna Baruah

Jamuna Baruah was born in oct 10, 1919 and was a leading actress in Assamese Film Industry. Jamuna was the one among sixth sister in their family. She was married to legendary actor, director Pramathesh Chandra Barua. Rani, Devdas, Adhikar, Maya, Roop Lekha are the famous films in the Assamese Industry where Jamuna Barua acted in her film life.

Adil Hussain:

Adil Hussain was born in 5 October 1963 and brought up in Goalpara, Assam. He was the youngest among seven children, where his father was a teacher. He has acted in English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Norwegian and French films. Some of famous assamese films where he acted are Xongkolpo, Sutrapaat, Pita Putra, Bhai Bhai etc. He has worked in the International Films like The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Life of Pi and he received the Special Jury Award at the 2017 National Film Awards.

Chetana Das:

Chetana Das was born on 4 November 1954 in Shillong and is the one of the famous actress in Assamese Film Industry. She started her carrier with the drama Sunit Konwari written by Jyoti Prasad Agarwala. She is very popular in Assamese Cinema for Comic Rule. She acted in different films like Banaria Phul, Abhijan, Indira, Ajoli Nabou, Papori, Hiya Diya Niya, Suren Suror Putek etc.

Jatin Bora:

Jatin Bora was born in April 25, 1970 in Kacholukhowa village, Nagaon, Assam. He appeared in the Assamese Films since 1989. He is an actor and also a director in some mobile theatre groups of Assam including Aabahan, Hengul, Ashirbaad, Bhagyadevi, Kohinoor and Itihas. Uttarkaal was Jatin Bora’s first professional movie and this movie was successful and Jatin became a star of the Assamese Cinema. Some of his famous films are Kaal Sandhya, Hiya Diya Niya, Sesh Upahar, Daag, Nayak, Agnisakhi etc.

Barsha Rani Bishaya:

Barsha Rani Bishaya

Barsha Rani Bishaya was born in 20 September 1983 in Guwahati, Assam. She is an actress belonging to the Kaibarta community who works in the the Assamese Film Industry. She also acted in many mobile theater groups of Assam. Apart from acting, she is also a Bihu Dancer in Assam. She started her film career with her father Ashok Kumar Bishaya’s own production film Joubone Aamoni Kore. Some of famous films where she acted are Bukur Majot Jowle, Jon Jwale Kopalat, Jumon Sumon, Senai Mur Dhhulia, Basundhara, Tumar Khabar etc.

Kapil Bora:

Kapil Bora was born on 30 March in Guwahati, Assam. He is an Assamese Actor, Anchor and All India Radio voice Artist. He went to high school in Don Bosco High School and later attended college at Cotton College. He debuted in Bidyut Chakravarty’s 2002 Assamese film Gun Gun Gane Gane and known for his performance in Mon, Ahir Bhairav, Jetuka Pator Dore and Dwaar. He debuted in Assamese Roaming Theater with Ashirbad and Rajmahal Theater.

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