The songs in this list are the mostly listened / viewed Best Assamese Song / Assamese Video Songs in the last week. Sometimes it may not be 100% accurate. If you have any suggestions regarding this list, please email us.


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Song is the sort musical composition of words and music that gives melody for a poem/ballad. Song is one of the most important component of culture. Assam is the one of the state among Seven-Sisters of North-Eastern India. It is very rich in tradition and culture. It has a lot of diversity in tribes and hence in language and tradition. Assamese Language is the Official Language of Assam and the most spoken language of Assam. The Assamese Song represents the rich culture of Assam. The Assamese Song has a lot of different kinds such as Modern Assamese Song, Romantic Assamese Song, Assamese Bihu Song, Assamese Rape Song, Assamese party Song and lot more. Specially the Assamese Bihu Song has a special space among all the different kind of Assamese Songs. Bihu is the Cheif Festival of Assam. Among three different types of Bihu, Rongali Bihu is the most famous, joyful and mostly celebrated Bihu. Most of the Bihu Songs are written on different occcasion and ceremony of Rongali Bihu and the changing Nature during the Rongali Bihu. Zubeen Garg, Angarag Papon Mahanta, Tarali Sharma, Nirmali Das, Krishnamoni Chutia are one of the famous singers specially for Bihu Song. Now a days, there are various Modern Assamese Songs and Party Songs are there in the list of Assamese Song. These songs gives an energetic and joyful feeling while listening to these Songs. Neel Akash, Achurjya Borpatro, Kusum Koilash, Zubeen Garg are one of the famous singers for Modern Song. Among the various singers of Assamese Song, Zubeen Garg is the all rounder. He is famous for Modern Assamese Song, Romantic Assamese Song, Assamese Party Song as well as Assamese Bihu Song. He is the King of Assamese Song.