In this article we have listed ” most famous 5 beautiful places to travel in Assam “. These places are mostly famous for it’s historic and cultural facts. This list consist Guwahat, Sivsagar, Tezpur, Jorhat and Kaziranga National Park.

  1. GUWAHATI : Guwahati is the largest and fastest growing city of northeastern state Assam, India. It is situated on the South Bank of the Brahmaputra River. Guwahti holds the top postion in the list of ‘Assam top 5 best place to travel ‘. There are many historic and cultural places you can visit in Guwahati.ASSAM TOP 5 BEST PLACE TO TRAVELRead also: Best Resorts in Guwahati
    • Kamakhya Temple : The Kamakhya Temple is in the first position in the list of Assam Top 10 famous Hindu Temples. The Kamakhya Temple is a Hindu temple situated on the Nilachal Hill in western part of Guwahati city of Assam. This temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakhya and it is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas. The famous fairAmbubachi Mela, held at Kamakhya Temple every year during the Monsoon Season. It is believed that the presiding goddess of the temple, Devi Kamakhya, the Mother Shakti, goes through her annual cycle of menstruation during this time stretch.
    • Shrimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra : The Shrimanta Shankardev Kalakhetra is a famous cultural park (institution) situated in the Panjabari area of Guwahati city of Assam. It is a cultural institution containing various cultural items representing different Tribes, Tradition and Festivals of Assam. Besides this, it also included museum of historic items, library and children park.
    • Planetarioum : The planetorium is a kind of Astronomical Research Center in Assam and the entire North-Eastern State. It helds daily shows on the Astronomical Topics and Culture of Assam.
    • Umananda : Umananda is the Smallest Island in the entire woeld. It is also known as the Peacock Island and famous for the Umananda Temple.
    • Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden : It is popularly known as Guwahati Zoo. The zoo is home to about 895 animals, birds and reptiles representing almost 113 species of animals and birds from around the world.
    • Balaji Temple : The Balaji Temple is one of the piligrimage and beautiful temple of Assam. It is situated on the Betkuchi Area of Guwahati, 5 km away from Guwahati Center Site. The Balaji Temple is the replica of the famous Tirupati Venkateshwara temple of Southern India.
  2. SIVSAGAR : Sivsagar holds the second place of Assam top 5 best place to travel .The Sivsagar was the capital of Ahom Kingdom from 1699 to 1788. There are many historic places you can visit in Sivsagar.Nagheriting Shiva Doul
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    • Joysagar : It said to be the biggest man-made pool in India.It is spread over 318 acres of water on the edge of the town in an area called Rangpur. This lpool was built by Ahom King  Swargadeo Rudra Singha in honour of his mother, Joymoti.
    • Gaurisagar : The Ahom queen Bor Kuwori Phuleshwari Devi built this pool. It which is spread over 150 acres.
    • Rudrasagar : Ahom King Swargadeo Lakshmi Singha built this pool in 1773. He dedicated it to his father Swargadeo Rudra Singha. A Shiva Temple was also built on the bank of this beautifully constructed pool.
    • Sivadol Temple : Sivadol Temple was built in 1734 by Kunwori Ambika, wife of the Ahom King Swargadeo Siba Singha . This temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. It is thronged by devotees during the festival of Shivratri.
    • Vishnudol : This temple was built by Ahom Queen Kuwori Ambika. It is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. According to the Hindu calendar, the month of “Bhada” is considered auspicious and sees a greater number of visitors to the temple.
    • Devidol : This is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Power,Maa Durga. Durga Puja, the most important festival organized at the temple. It is celebrated twice a year.
    • Ghanashyam Dol : This temple is situated on the bank of Joysagar Pool. Terracotta tiles on its wall make it more beautiful.
    • Rang Ghar : The Rang Ghar is a double-storied, oval shaped, amphitheater with a roof shaped like an inverted boat. It was constructed by Ahom King Swargadeo Pramatta Singha. The Rang Ghar is said to be amongst the largest of amphitheaters.
    • Talatal Ghar : The Talatal Ghar was initially built as an army base. It consist two secret tunnels, and three floors below ground level which were used as exit routes during emergency in the wars.
    • Bakhar Bengena:It is a rare breed of tree is situated at Bokota Mouza, and the place name is known as a Bakhar Bengena. It is famous for it’s unbelievable size.
    • Sivasagar Tai Museum : It stores artefacts from the Ahom kingdoms and their rulers, including vestments, swords, manuscripts, goblets, and household utensils etc.
  3. TEZPUR : Tezpur is the one of the fastest growing City on the bank of the Brahmaputra River, exceeding the population of 100,000. It is considered as the Most Clean City of Assam and also have so many Historic Places you can visit in Tezpur.Historic Places you can visit in Tezpur
    • Agnigarh : It is the biggest tourist attraction of the Tezpur city, which is a hillock situated in Tezpur City. It is believed that, it was built by Banasura to keep his daughter Usha in isolation. It has a very beatiful park known as Usha- Aniruddha Udyan.
    • Mahabhairav Temple : The Mahabhairav Temple is the famous tample on the hillock of north eastern site of Tezpur City. It is dedicated for preceeding the Lord Shiva. This temple was built by the Ahom King Bana.
    • Kolia Bhumura Hetu : The Kolia Bhumura Hetu is the one of the beautiful bridge on the river Brahmaputra. It connects Sonitpur on the North bank with Nagaon District on the South Bank with a length of 3015 meters.
    • Padum Pukhuri : The Padum Pukhuri is the one of the famous lake of Tezpur City. It is near the Bamuni Hills of Tezpur. It is famous for the Lotus bloming on the pond.
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  4. JORHAT: Jorhat was the last capital of the Ahom Kingdom and home to many historical monuments of Assamese culture. After Guwahati, it is the fastest growing city of Assam. It holds the fourth position of Assam top 5 best place to travel. There a many historic and cultural places you can visit is Jorhat.places you can visit is Jorhat
    • Majuli : Majuli is the largest river island in the world. There are about twenty six Satras or the cultural house are in Majuli of which the Kamalabari, Auniati and Garmur are mostly famouse.
    • Dhekiakhowa Bornaamghar : Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar is a noted Bornaamghar in Assam. It was established by saint-reformer Madhabdev in 1461. It is located at Dhekiakhowa village of Jorhat District.
    • Lachit Borphukan’s Maidam : This is the maidam of great Ahom General Lachit Borphukan. He was defeated the mighty Mughals at Saraighat in 1672.
    • Raja Maidam : This is the maidam of the last Ahom king, Purandar Sinha, who expired on 1 October 1848.
    • Jorhat District Museum : The museum comprises the metal icons and stone sculpture, sins of Sashi bark and man made paper, weapons of Ahom dynasty. It is situated in the complex of P.G. Training College in M.G. Road, Jorhat.
  5. KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK : Though Kaziranga National Park holds the fifth position in the list Assam top 5 best place to travel, But is the most visited place by foreigner in Assam. The park is approximately 40 km in length from east to west and 13 km in breadth from north to south. Kaziranga covers an area of 378 square km with approximately 51.14 square km lost to erosion in recent years.Kaziranga Nnational Park(Read full article about Kaziranga Nationla Park.)

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