Assam Bihu Festival – the chief festival of Assam


Assam Bihu Festival (Assamese: বিহু) is the chief festival in the Assam, North-eastern state of India. It refers to a set of three different festivals : Rangali or Bohag Bihu observed in April (Bohag Maah), Kangali or Kati Bihu observed in October (Kati Maah), and Bhogali or Magh Bihu observed in January(Magh Maah). The Rangali or Bohag Bihu is the most important and famous of the three celebrating the Assamese new year and the spring festival. The Bhogali Bihu or the Magh Bihu is the one that is all about food. The Kongali Bihu or the Kati Bihu is the sombre, thrifty one reflecting a season of short supplies.Assam Bihu Festival


The Rangali Bihu coincides with Vaisakhi in north India observed by Sikhs and Hindus, and Hindu festivals with similar significance are known by many other names in different parts of India, such as Vishu in Kerala. The other two Assam Bihu festival every year are unique to Assamese people. Like some other Indian festivals, Bihu is associated with agriculture, and rice in particular. Bohag is a sowing festival, Kati is associated with crop protection, while Bhogali is a harvest festival. Assamese celebrate the Rangali Bihu with feasts, music and dancing. Some hang brass, copper or silver pots on poles in front of their house, while children wear flower garlands then greet the new year as they pass through the rural streets.

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The three Bihu are Hindu festivals with reverence for Krishna, cattle (Goru Bihu), elders in family, fertility and mother goddess, but the celebrations and rituals reflect influences from aborigine, southeast Asia and Sino-Tibetan cultures. In contemporary times, the Bihus are celebrated by all Assamese people irrespective of religion, caste or creed.[11] It is also celebrated overseas by the Assamese diaspora community living worldwide.

The term Bihu is also used to imply Bihu dance otherwise called Bihu Naas and Bihu folk songs also called Bihu Geet.

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