10 Famous Assamese Writers with their Sobriquet (Nick Name)


10 Famous Assamese Writers with their Sobriquet :

The Assamese Literature is full of poetry, novels, short stories, biography, document and other writings. There are so many famous Assamese writers  whose fabulous writings enrich the Assamese Literature. There is the list of the Assamese Writers with their nick name (sobriquet). 10 Famous Assamese Writers

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  1. Ambikagiri Raichoudhury : Ambikagiri Raichoudhury was born on 18 December 1885 in Raipara area of Barpeta, Assam. He was an Assamese Poet and Nationalist. Some of his famous literatures include Tumi, Kaabyo, Aahuti, Binaa, Onubhuti, Bedonaar Ulkaa etc. Ambikagiri Raichoudhury is known as “Axom Kesari” (The lion of Assam) because of his firebrand nationalist character.
  2. Ananda Chandra Agarwala : Ananda Chandra Agarwala was born on 5 September, 1874 in Tezpur, Assam. He was a noted writer, poet and historian from Assam. Some of his famous literatures include Jilikoni (Poetry Book), Kumal Path and Adi Path (Text Books), An Account of Assam, Goalparar Purani Bibaran, Aspects of history and culture (Historical Books) etc. He is known as “Bhangoni Kunwor” for his translation of several English poems into Assamese.
  3. Ananda Chandra Barua : Ananda Chandra Barua was born on December 31, 1907, at Khumtai Tea Estate near Moran, Assam. He was a famous writer, poet, playwright, translator, journalist and actor from Assam. Some of his famous literature include Porag (Poem collection), Bijoya and Bisorjan (drama), Hafizor Sur (translation of poems), Paporir Porimal (Poem collection), Bokul Bonor Kabita etc. He is popularly known as “Bokulbonor Kobi in Assamese literacy society. “10 Famous Assamese Writers”
  4. Binanda Chandra Barua : Binanda Chandra Barua was born in 1903. He was an eminent Assamese writer and poet. Some of his famous literature include Gargaon, Sankhadhwani, Jaidhwani and Pratidhwani etc. He was the president of the Asam Sahitya Sabhain 1966. He is popularly known as “Dhwoni Kobi.
  5. Bishnu Prasad Rabha : Bishnu Prasad Rabha was born on 31 January 1909, Dacca, Bengal Presidency, British India. He was a famous actor, painter, Dancer, Former Member of legislative assembly, music composer, poet, dramatist, writer, freedom fighter and communist revolutionary. His famous works include Mising Coneng, Sonpahi, Axomiya Kristir Samuh Abhash, and Atit Axom. He had learnt Borgeet of Shrimanta Shankar Deva and gave the genre a new significance for the modern times. There are more than hundred songs composed by him. His songs are collectively called as Bishnu Rava Sangeet. He is popularly known as “Kalaguru in Assamese literacy society.
  6. Bishnu Ram Medhi : Bishnu Ram Medhi was born on April 24, 1888, of Hajo, Assam. He was an author, Indian politician and freedom-fighter who served as the 2nd Chief Minister of Assam. He is popularly known as “Louha Manab“of Assam.
  7. Brajanath Sarma : Brajanath Sarma was born on September 15, 1894 Silagaon, Bajali, Barpeta, Assam. His famous plays include Barjita, Manomati, Patita, Karuna and Urbashi. He was very famous for the autobiographical book Biplobi. He is popularly known as “Abhinayacharya. Brajanath Sarma, also called Natyacharjya which means a guru of dramatics. 10 Famous Assamese Writers
  8. Chandra Kumar Agarwala : Chandra Kumar Agarwala was born on 28 November 1867, Brahmajan, Gohpur, Assam. Hewas an eminent writer, poet, journalist from Assam. His famous works include Pratima, Bin-boragi, Chandramrit etc. He is popularly known as “Pratimar Khonikor.
  9. Ganesh Gogoi : Ganesh Gogoi was born on 28 December, 1907, Jorhat, Assam. He was a famous poet of Assam and then he is remembered also as a lyricist, composer, playwright, actor and football player. Some of his famous drama include Jerengar Sati, Sakunir Pratisodh, Kashmir Kurmari, Lachit and Kuri Satika. Some of his famous poetry book include Papori, Swapna bhanga, Rupajyoti, Naoria and Boragi. He is popularly known as “Papori Kobi10 Famous Assamese Writers
  10. Gopinath Bordoloi : Gopinath Bordoloi was born on 6 June, 1890, in Raha, Assam. He was a famous writer and politician of Assam. He wrote several books like Annasaktiyog, Shreeramachandra, Hajrat Mohammad, and Budhhadeb. He was a follower of the Gandhianprinciple of non-violence as a political tool. Due to his unselfish dedication towards Assam and its people, the then Governor of Assam Jayram Das Doulatram conferred him with the title “Lokapriya” (loved by all).

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