Me Dam Me Phi | Tai Ahom Main Festival In Assam


Me Dam Me Phi | Ahom Main Festival In Assam

Ahoms are an intrinsic part of the Axomia society. The Ahom people celebrates Me-Dam-Me-Phi on 31st January every year in the memory of departed one. The Ahoms have their own tenets and faith. From the Ahom chronicles it can be known that when Lengdon, the God of heaven, sent two of his grandsons Khunlung and Khunlai to earth by a golden chain at that moment Gasingpha, the God of knowledge advised them to perform Umpha, Phuralong, Me-Dam-Me-Phi and Rikhan worships in different months of a year on different occasions. Since that day till now Me-Dam-Me-Phi has been observed by all the Ahoms. Me-Dam-Me-Phi is being celebrated since the year 1606 A.D. and is first said to have celebrated at Charaideo. The celebration at that time lasted for several days.

Me Dam Me Phi

n Tai Ahom language, Me means offerings, Dam means the dead ancestors and Phi means Gods. So, Me Dam Me Phi is a ceremony in which offerings are made to dead ancestors and the Dam Chao Gods. It is one of the most important annual religious festivals of the Tai Ahoms and the rituals are performed annually to evoke blessings from the ancestors so that the living generation may live in peace and prosper in life.

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In the Me-Dam-Me-phi, Ahom people worship three Gods, namely Grihadam, Me Dam Me Phi and Dam Changphi. According to Ahom people he Dam Changphi GOD is the fourteenth generation of a family and the Grihadam GOD is the fourth generation of a family. In the Me-Dam Me Phi festival the Ahom peoples offer Dam Chaufi and Chaufi to the Me-Dam Me Phi GOD because Me-Dam Me Phi is the GOD of Heaven. The Ahom people think that when a man dead then he become the Dam and afetr some days he becomes Phi which means the GOD. So the Ahom peoples worship their dead family members at the back side of their kitchen which is also known as Barghar and accoring to Assam people they told it as Damkhuta. They offer them rice, mah-prasad, homemade wine, fish and also meat.

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Me-Dam-Me-Phi is not limited only to the Ahom community. People from other communities join the celebrations and make it more enthralling when they associate with the cultural programmes of music and drama in the evening

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